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Media Training

  • Everyone wants to be heard in the Media but not everyone knows what to say, or more importantly, how to say it to ensure the coverage is great.

  • By taking part in an effective media training course, you put your company at the forefront of the competition and get your business noticed - for all the RIGHT reasons!

Seasoned Broadcaster and US2U Consulting specialist Adrienne Lawler delivers bespoke Media Training Courses that achieve outstanding results in terms of confidence, knowledge and understanding what drives column inches or studio time and how to make the very best of your opportunities.

This can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or as a one day programme for up to 6 people, and will give participants the chance to be interviewed by a well respected Journalist from leading world Broadcasters such as the BBC, CNN & ITV, learn from your mistakes in a safe environment, be coached & encouraged to become the master of your message and leave with either a written report on your progress or camera footage of your day on screen.

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