This service has a positive impact on the Careers and Emotional Wellbeing of Women, enabling clients to move forward in ways that they did not think possible.

Delivered by Tina Neve MCIPD, an Emotional Wellbeing Career Coach, the approach is open, engaging, holistic, empathetic and supportive. She provides a trusting, collaborative space to focus, in a world full of time pressures and distractions. There is the surface level "what's going on?" and then there is "what's really going on?". This is where feelings, emotions and our inner voice have a massive part to play.

The results you can expect working with Tina are:

 A new sense of who you are, what makes you tick and how this relates to your career. This information literally changes lives.

 The confidence to talk about what you bring to the table with head and heart aligned. When you are being authentically you - this is so much easier.

• A vision for your future career, knowing that it will align with your whole life.

 The confidence to move forward without wasting time or worrying that you are making the wrong decision.

 Insight and understanding on how you can position yourself to flourish at work, not just survive until Friday or your holiday.


"Tina is a great listener whose natural warmth and empathy combine with a wellspring of experience. Tina's seemingly limitless toolkit of techniques has helped me to understand what I really want from my career. Working together, we have identified opportunities that I could not see before." - Former client

Service Delivery:

Tina can work on a 1-to-1 basis remotely via Zoom, as well as face-to-face (when circumstances allow).

Typically the programme comprises of six sessions, each lasting around 1.5 hours. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.